Cultural Programme – Events in 2022

Cultural Program – Events in 2022

Work Programme for 2022

For the year 2022, and culminating the work done in previous years, the Association Lusitânia 100 has the following activities in progress:

   P CULT – Cultural Programme

– Publish the Report of the Crossing of 1922, revised and commented:

– in Portuguese and in English;

– as a book and an e-book.

– To make its worldwide dissemination, namely:

– in the CPLP countries;

– in the Portuguese-speaking communities all over the world;

– throughout the rest of the world;

– Disseminate the use of the X-Plane based Simulator of the Crossing;

– Partnership with Museums and City Councils;

– Partnership with the Portuguese Navy.

        P COM – Communication Programme

– Maintain active project web page ( ):

– in Portuguese;

– in English.

– Back-Blogging (reconstitution of the Crossing’s events, on the days and time they occurred), in Portuguese and English, during the time of the crossing (30th March to 17th June); Replicate on Facebook, and with other interested entities.

– Fill in the time between flights with other news about the Crossing.

     P TEC – Technical Programme

– Continue the design of a flying replica of the Fairey III D, currently being made in a University, in Portugal;

– Prepare the construction – technical part;

– Prepare the financing for the construction of the replica.

            P FIN – Financial Programme

To collect financial support to support the Association’s activities and projects.

Public Events

Principle: participate in all events for which we are asked to collaborate;

   Other Projects – PT

Continue to make available the Association’s collaboration and resources, to support other parallel events.

Continue to establish collaboration Protocols with other Associations.

Other Projects – CV – Cape Verde

To coordinate activities with the Cape Verde team;

Participate in the events of the Project Travessia 100 / Cabo Verde.

    Other Projects – BR – Brazil

To coordinate activities with the Brazil team.

The new flying replica of the Fairey III D “Santa Cruz”

The Trans-Atlantic Crossing requires an  high-performance aircraft. Even in today’s times, the technical requirements of a huge range and a biplane, with floats and an open cockpit are difficult to reconcile.

For 2022, we would like the new Lusitânia 2022 aircraft to be able to recreate the main moments of the Crossing, namely in Portugal and Cape Verde.

This will not be possible, because the plane’s technical project, although well underway, has been delayed.

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