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Final leg of the South Atlantic Air Crossing, 1922: Victória – Rio de Janeiro.

in “First South Atlantic Air Crossing Report, 1922”, by Sacadura Cabral e Gago Coutinho”

We passed Itabapoana at 11:00. 4 m. and Paraíba at 11 h. 24 m. The appearance of time becomes more and more scary, with great rainfalls in the distance.

[…]  At 11:47 a.m. we arrive at Cape S. Tomé.  Big rainfall right after we pass the cable.

I have  an idea of circling it from the south, but as the weather looks like heavy rain I fear, if I do, I will lose sight of the land and not see it again in time to avoid bumping into any of the many hills that exist around here.

 So I decide to get in the rain and keep myself in sight of the beach at all times.

A lot of swing and a lot of fog at first. Sometimes I have to go down to less than 50 metres altitude in order not to lose sight of the coastline.

Very deep waves in the sea. […]

[…]  At 13 h. 46 m. we passed at Our Lady of Nazareth, and at Cabo Negro at 13 h. 57 m

The showers and fog return.

Again I am forced to go down and around the beach line, but now with a lot of fear because the coast by the sea is high and nothing easier than, in some sharp curve, to run into the land, because the fog is so thick that sometimes you can’t see the beach sand […].

On June 17 [1922], as the telegram from the Rio Meteorological Observatory indicated that the weather was improving in that location, I decided to drop [from Victoria].

At 9 pm. the hydro is hauled, and we board after a very affectionate farewell.

Engine running at 9 hr 20 m and taxied to where we had landed when we arrived.

Moderate south wind but clear skies We took 6 hours of gas. […]

[…] At 14 h.10 m. I see one of the islets at the entrance of Bahia do Guanabara, but seconds later it is lost in the fog.

At 14 h. 17 m. I see, already very close, a Brazilian destroyer.

I know I’m at the entrance to the bay, but you can’t see anything, the fog is so thick! !

I have a moment of indecision because it is known that the entrance is narrow and flanked by high mountains ! ! […]

[…] After some time, at 14 h. 24 m., in a fog clearing, I see something that seems to me to be a fortress.

I go there, and I have the pleasure of seeing that it was the Santa Cruz fort.

 We were inside Guanabara Bay!!! […]

in “First South Atlantic Air Crossing Report, 1922”, by Sacadura Cabral e Gago Coutinho

[…] I circle around the city of Rio de Janeiro, but as I’ve already been sighted and numerous planes started flying, I decide to alight, which I do at 2 h. 32 m. in front of Enxadas Island, where are the hangars of the Brazilian Maritime Aviation.

We salvoed the land by raising the Brazilian flag and shooting 21 times with the signal pistol!! The Lisbon – Rio Air Crossing was completed!!!   […]

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