Keeping the memory and disseminating it has the purpose of inspiring new generations to build the future.

Therefore, the Lusitânia 100 will carry out several cultural and pedagogical activities, promoting the historical dissemination of the pioneer voyage of 1922 and the new aircraft in 2022.

These activities will be directed either to the general public or to specialized communities, whether national or international (aeronautics, scientific, history, etc.).

They include:

Dissemination about Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho:

  • Life story of the 2 aviators;
  • Work done in Portugal and in the former overseas provinces;
  • Background of these works in the reality of the time;
  • Their connection to Aeronautics in Portugal.

Making reference documentation available:

  • Translate and publish the 4 Travessia reports of 1922;
  • Create a photographic archive of the Crossing;
  • Record the characteristics of the Fairey hydroplanes (3 variants);
  • Disseminate air navigation: instruments and techniques;
  • Documentation on the project and construction of the “Lusitânia 2022”.

Promotion of events and educational actions:

  • With schools and young people;
  • Specialised cultural programmes

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