Carlos Alberto Monteiro

Focal point for the Project in Mindelo on the island of S. Vicente-Cape Verde, he held various management positions in some companies in Cape Verde, namely Shell Cape Verde, S.A.R.L. where he was Director of the Aviation Market, overseeing all operational aspects related to aircraft supplies. He also developed the positions of Commercial Director and […]

Yara dos Santos

Born in Praia, Cape Verde, Yara dos Santos is a Public Relations and Personal Branding strategist with over 18 years of experience and market activity, both at the business level and with high-level leaders of the country, notably the former Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Dr. Victor Borges, the former Minister of Justice, […]

Ildo Rocha Fortes

Ildo Rocha Ramos Fortes has been a journalist since 1991, a promoter and a social researcher. He lives in Portugal. Besides being an Associative leader, he is the Promoter/Coordinator of the Gabinete de Apoio à Integração Social dos Cabo-Verdianos (GAIS-CV) and of the Unidade de Apoio aos Doentes Evacuados de Cabo Verde (UADE-CV) based in […]

João Amil

A historical aviation enthusiast, he was a pilot at the Aeroclube do Porto, graduated in Aeronautical Sciences and captain of an Airbus 320 at TAP Portugal, where he also flew A310s. He was a flight instructor, did parachute drop flights and flew in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the service of ASF (Aviation Sans […]

Rui Costa Pinto

He is the President of the General Assembly. Historian, Professor and Teacher Trainer. He did his Doctoral Thesis on Gago Coutinho. He has published books and dozens of scientific articles in national and foreign journals and has organised and collaborated in various national and international colloquia, whose conferences are published in the respective proceedings. He […]

Ricardo Reis

He is the treasurer and responsible for the Technical Project. Ricardo Reis has been involved in outreach activities on aviation, engineering and technical history from an early age. He is an aerospace engineer, having a PhD in mechanical engineering (turbulence and high performance computing), works today as technical leader in the engineering centre of a […]

Lima Basto

He is the Secretary of the Lusitânia 100. Passionate about aviation in general. Worked for OGMA, where he was in Engineering, for 36 years. During the L 50 project (1972), he was responsible for building the replica Fairey III D (“Santa Cruz”) at OGMA, which can be seen at the Air Museum (Alverca). He was […]

João Moura Ferreira

President of Lusitânia 100 and responsible for the Cultural Project. Passionate about aeronautical science and techniques, namely about issues related to aeronautical structures and construction. He never misses an opportunity to see aeroplanes, admire their flight, and mainly, understand their structural characteristics. He is an admirer of Portuguese achievements, in any time or place. He […]

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