Lima Basto

He is the Secretary of the Lusitânia 100. Passionate about aviation in general. Worked for OGMA, where he was in Engineering, for 36 years.

During the L 50 project (1972), he was responsible for building the replica Fairey III D (“Santa Cruz”) at OGMA, which can be seen at the Air Museum (Alverca). He was also responsible for the planning and construction of the replicas of the Maurice Farman (“Casta Susana”), and Santos- Dumont (“Demoiselle”) aircrafts, and participated in the construction of the Caudron G3. These three planes can be found at the Air Museum, in Sintra. He is linked to the Air Museum, since 1967, and is a member of GAMA (Group of Friends of the Air Museum), since 1975. Author of the book “100 years of Aviation”, bilingual, in 2003 and member of the Technical Commission of the Air Museum, since 2011.

For this project he brings all the experience of a life dedicated to the technique and history of aeronautics in Portugal, as well as the experience of Public Relations.

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