Yara dos Santos

Born in Praia, Cape Verde, Yara dos Santos is a Public Relations and Personal Branding strategist with over 18 years of experience and market activity, both at the business level and with high-level leaders of the country, notably the former Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Dr. Victor Borges, the former Minister of Justice, Dr. José Carlos Correia and the current President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

In the literary field, she has, to date, six books published: Força de Mulher (2002), Cabo Verde: Tradição e Sabores (2003), Ildo Lobo: a voz crioula (2007), Public Relations in Cape Verde – contributions (2015), Open conversation with a young public relations officer (2016) and, lastly, Inspirar, published in 2018. She is also co-organiser and co-author of the anthology “Women and their destinies”, published in 2019, as well as participating in the collective work “Liberdade, Sempre!”, published in 2020, in honour of the President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

In recent times, she has given several lectures and conferences both within the country and internationally, namely in Morocco, Portugal, Holland, Italy, France, Brazil and the United States of America, focusing on the empowerment of young people, girls and women, in the areas of writing, communication and leadership.

Yara dos Santos is the recipient of several international distinctions, highlighting the “Leadership in Communication Personality 2019” award, “Pan-African Humanitarian 2018” award, “West African Youth Award 2018” and the “Women Entrepreneurs Europe and Africa 2018” award, as well as being distinguished as one of the 50 leading women in West Africa 2019, one of the 100 most influential young personalities in West Africa 2018, as well as one of the five Lusophone writers to be known by “Africa Writes” in 2017.

She is a founding member and president of the Cape Verde Public Relations Association.

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