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São Brás de Alportel starts the Commemorations of the Crossing, in the 153rd anniversary of Gago Coutinho birth.

In the past 17th February 2022, São Brás de Alportel City Hall celebrated the 153rd anniversary of Gago Coutinho birth, and presented the program of commemorations of the centenary of the 1922 Crossing. The ceremony was attended by several illustrious figures and took place near the monument of the “Travessia”.


Mr. Vítor Guerreiro, Mayor of São Brás de Alportel, said:

“The Centennial Celebrations, which the Municipality is honoured to join, confer the deserved dignity and relevance to this true epic that marked our collective trajectory, the formation of our national entity and affirmation beyond borders”, pointing out that this is an excellent opportunity to “value our Common Memory, our past, our history and our people, in order to live the present and project the future”.

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In an emotional speech, the Deputy Mayor, Marlene de Sousa Ribeiro, who revealed some of the key moments of the calendar of events that will run until the end of 2022:

“A programme that we want to be universal, but deeply local and inter-generational,”….

… “A programme, not for the past, but for the future”…

… “Not just to watch, but to live and involve our community”.


A commemorative plaque was also unveiled, alluding to the aforementioned events.

Among the illustrious people present at the commemorations were the Director of the Museu de Marinha, Commodore Croca Favinha, and the Director of the Museu do Ar, Colonel Mouta Raposo.

This was followed by a lecture given by Lieutenant-General António Carlos Mimoso e Carvalho who explained the course, achievements and vicissitudes of the crossing, as well as the inauguration of the Travelling Exhibition “100TAAS”, prepared by the Aero-Naval Commission for the Commemorations of the Centenary of the South Atlantic Air Crossing.

As a symbol of Gago Coutinho’s birthday and the centenary of the crossing, the Municipality of São Braz was kind enough to create and distribute a cardboard cut-out that allows the curious construction of a miniature Lusitânia.

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