Become a volunteer!

Being a non-professional and non-profit project, only with the collaboration of a team of dedicated people it will be possible to make this dream come true.

Get involved as a Volunteer!

We welcome all people who want to participate in this unique project.

Take part in this opportunity to create a project in Portuguese, for all those who speak Portuguese.

What Volunteers can offer to the Lusitânia 100 Project:

Their knowledge, and their work;

In this project, many different skills are needed, e.g:

  • Administrative support;
  • Animation of the digital networks (WordPress site, facebook, Instagram, etc);
  • Financial management;
  • Technical design (mechanical, electrical, aerodynamic, and others);
  • Historical research;
  • Support in the airworthiness process;
  • Test pilots;
  • Logistics management;
  • and many other collaborations.

Choose what you like best by participating in the various sub-projects:

  • Cultural:
    • development of educational material, for children, young people and adults
    • in Portuguese, English and other languages;
    • historical research.
  • Technical:
    • the design and construction of a seaplane, biplane, to fly!
  • Financeiro: 
    • raising financial support and other sponsorship; financial management;
  • Communication:
    • keeping in touch with the whole World!
    • writing: technical and creative
    • graphic design;
    • editing a network of articles on Wikipedia, to put the Travessia, and its Heroes, in the place they deserve.
    • translation, into several languages;
  • Operational: 
    • prepare, create and run flying events, in different locations
  • Day-to-day management, and management of the Association.

What the Project Lusitânia 100 can offer to the Volunteers:

An unparalleled Human, Cultural and Technical experience!

  • A unique opportunity to participate in a project team:
    • multidisciplinary;
    • multinational;
    • multicultural
  • An opportunity to make a huge cultural project happen;
  • Portuguese language is part of our common heritage, and is our main link between all people who want to participate;
  • A non-discriminatory project, accepting the participation of any person of good will, independently:
    • political and/or religious convictions
    • nationality,
    • age, sex
  • A non-discriminatory project, accepting the participation of any person of good will, regardless of:
    • political and/or religious beliefs
    • nationality
    • age
    • gender
    • education
    • language
    • any other differentiating factor.

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