The Association

What is the Lusitânia 100 association?

The Lusitânia 100 Association is a non-profit organisation, created on 18 December 2013, with the dual objective of inspiring new generations to be innovative and daring, and projecting the know-how of Portuguese speakers internationally, through the invocation of the First Crossing of the South Atlantic.

For this purpose, the Association will promote the dissemination of the 1922 crossing and will build a replica of the Fairey III D plane, using modern technologies and materials.

What is the Lusitânia 100 project?

The Lusitânia 100 Project´s objectives are:

  • To carry out a programme of cultural and educational activities, of national and international scope, about the Crossing and what is related to it;
  • Build a replica of the Fairey IIID aircraft with modern materials and technologies.

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