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Welcome to (perhaps) the most important section of this website: Educational Resources.

It is aimed at Students, Teachers, and everyone else who wants to know more about the 1992 South Air Atlantic “Travessia” (Crossing) and its players.


Besides the texts available on Wikipedia, there are several books published. We mention a few, for their interest and importance:

– “The hundred years of Aviation”, by Jorge Lima Basto, bilingual, Portuguese and English.

– “História dos Balões” by Rómulo de Carvalho (Ler + Plano Nacional de Leitura / Portuguese National Reading Plan)

Two reference books, on Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho, by Pinheiro Correia, author’s editions:

– “Sacadura Cabral, Homem e Aviador”, Lisbon, 1964

– “Gago Coutinho, Precursor of Air Navigation”, Lisbon, 1965

The books about Gago Coutinho, by his most important biographer, Dr. Rui Costa Pinto:

– “Gago Coutinho – The Last Great Portuguese Adventurer”, Lisbon, 2014.

– “Admiral Pioneer with a Lieutenant’s Soul”, Lisbon, 2017.

On air travel by Portuguese:

– “Aeronautical Voyages of the Portuguese”, National Commission for the Commemoration of the Discoveries, Air Museum, Lisbon, 1997.

Two interesting resources:

– The hydroplane Lusitania, to cut out, paste and assemble, published in ABCzinho Magazine. It can be printed in color on an A3 cardboard sheet;

– An educational film, which gives a first approach to the resistance of materials, and to aeronautical structures. Very accessible.

See also the repository of scientific articles in the respective tab.

Young People and Children

 Books for Young People and Children:

– “The Great Admiral of the Southern Stars,” Adolfo Simões Müller, Porto, 1962.

– “Notícia sobre a viagem aérea portuguesa de 1922” – Gago Coutinho / Chiquinha, September 1956.

Based on a lecture given by Gago Coutinho, to the students of the Francisco Arruda Preparatory School (Lisbon), by invitation of the School’s Director, Dr. Calvet da Magalhães, in 1956. “Chiquinha” represents a collective of students. Includes linocuts made by the students.

In English:

Shaesta Waiz was at the Portugal Air Summit, 2019, in Ponte de Sor. She gave an exciting conference, and told how she, a young Afghan refugee, emigrated to the USA, discovered aviation (at the age of 17), and decided to go around the World, in solo flight. The conference was especially dedicated to girls, and many dozens of high school students from the region attended. Her page is very evocative, and inspiring.

New Book Tells Story of Shaesta Waiz: Fly, Girl, Fly! recounts pilot’s round-the-world trip in an A36 Bonanza.



A work of reference is the volume “The Fantastic Adventure”, published in 1972, by Eugenio Colonnesi.

But it is not the only work edited. At BDBD, BlogDeBandaDesenhadas, (a comics blog) by Luiz Beira and Carlos Rico, you can find here a collection of 11 comic books about the Crossing:

Manual Works

Making a paper airplane is easy.

But it can be improved if we understand what is important from the point of view of physics and aerodynamics.

Small efforts of study pay off … a lot!

And we can build and launch the plane that is the world record holder for distance:

DIY a paper plane launcher. How to make paper Airplanes – RubberBand launcher. Origami paper plane.

Turbo Fun Crafts

How to make a paper plane, with science! | Do Try This At Home | We The Curious
We The Curious

Can you beat the world record for launching paper airplanes?

It flew 69,14 m . The record was set by John Collins and Joe Ayoob in Sunnivale, USA on 2012-02-26:

How to Make a World-Record-Breaking Paper Airplane
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See also this article:

A glider, with a more elaborate wing:

How to make a cardboard airplane properly | Pro version
Joyplanes RC

A biplane, with a rubber band engine. Wings made of foam. Requires the use of an X-Acto.

How to make a rubber band powered airplane| Make a simple foam biplane
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With a small electric motor, and batteries:

How to Make Flying Airplane at Home from Plastic Bottle and Cardboard
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More complicated, but functional. Requires radio-command:

How to Make a Cardboard RC Airplane – DIY
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To build a wooden biplane, you need some workshop tools. Great for crafts!

How to make a toy plane (Free Plans)
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