Rui Costa Pinto left us.

A rigorous and demanding Historian: these are the first words that came to my mind about Rui Costa Pinto.And I also find other words: friendly, willing to help, a fighter, persistant and with a smile – especially when talking about Gago Coutinho.Rui Costa Pinto has been with the Lusitânia 100 Project since its first day: […]

We finished this leg Cape Verde

Penedos, done during 18th April 1922, with Gago Coutinho, in his simple words:“[…] After 11h and 21 minutes of flight, the gas was running out.The Penedo – a few rocks not very high – can only be seen very close, from the 300 meters high we were flying.However, as we were alighting next to the […]

From “Lusitânia” (1922) to Apolo 13 (1969): A Legacy

We are in the commemoration of another anniversary of the “Great Leap” between Cape Verde and the Penedos de S. Pedro and S. Paulo, (11h30 flight, 1700 km), which was only possible due to the precision astronomical navigation methods developed by Gago Coutinho. A tiring flight, in an unstable plane, piloted by the steady hand […]

11 May 1922

97 years ago today, Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho continued their journey from Fernando Noronha, returning to Penedos, with the final destination of Recife. A journey planned to take 8 hours of flight. The preparations started at 04h00 local time, the departure was at 09h00. At 13.35, with Penedos in sight, they reversed course and […]

Creating the reference

The Lusitania 100 technical team is working full steam ahead to replicate – initially – the Fairey IIID “Lusitania” reference configuration. From this data, the new configuration of the Lusitania 2022, which will make the new crossing, will be evolved. (CAD modelling, by Inácio) (intermediate result of solid modelling by Ideia.m)

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